Yuria Misaki
Native name 岬 百合亜
Misaki Yuria
Hoshina Yuria (by 2203)
Born 2181-2182[1]
Yamaguchi Prefecture Yamaguchi, Japan, Earth[2]
Species Human
Gender Female
Allegiance Earth Federation
Service/branch United Nations Cosmo Force
Rank Assistant Warrant Officer (by 2199)
Unit Yamato BBY-01 operations division
Relations Toru Hoshina (spouse)
Portrayed by Aya Uchida (Japanese)
Sarah Wiedenheft (English)

Yuria Misaki, later Yuria Hoshina, is an operations officer serving aboard the United Nations Cosmo Navy battleship Yamato during its first voyage to Iscandar. Among her duties during the voyage, she hosts the radio program YRA Radio Yamato. Misaki has a psychic connection with Princess Yurisha Iscandar, providing an important method of contact between Princess Yurisha and the crew. More than three years later, she joins her former Yamato crew members in attempting to steal the battleship for a journey to the planet Terezart.


Early LifeEdit

2199: Voyage to IscandarEdit

2202: Telezart and the War with GatlantisEdit



  • Aya Uchida hosted a tie-in Internet radio show called YRA Radio Yamato.[3][4]