First appearance Space Battleship Yamato
Affiliation Earth Defense Force
Launched before 2503
General characteristics
Registry EFF-0017 (Earth Federation Flagship)
Fighters Cosmo Tigers, Cosmo Zero
Armaments Wave Motion Gun
5 triple barrel Shock cannon turrets (3 48cm & 2 20cm)
Pulse lasers
8 stack SAM cells
8 belly SAM cells
28 Torpedo Tubes (6 Fore & Aft, 8 Starboard & Port)
Defenses Reflective shield
Bubble shield
Propulsion Wave Motion Engine[1]
This article describes the super dreadnought Yamato depicted in Yamato 2520. For information on other vessels bearing the name Yamato in this series or in other series or movies, see the Yamato disambiguation page.

The Super Space Battleship Yamato (EEF-0017), also known as Yamato 17th, was a super dreadnought class ship and the Earth Federation Flagship during the Galactic Hundred Year War.


In 2503, the Yamato was sent on an urgent mission to planet Rococo to investigate the ruins of the Gorda civilization. There, Dr. Sakamoto found the secret center of the Gorda civilization. However, information was leaked leading to an attack by the Salene Federation. The Yamato escaped but the Salene Federation sent its forces in pursuit to destroy the Yamato. The Yamato was believed to have been sunk, and fallen on some planet and exploded.

Sometime later, youths from the planet Rinbus in the Globular Cluster M27 found the buried hull of the Yamato. It hence forth served as their hide out playground.

In 2520, Nabu accidentally fell within the Yamato and stumbled upon its computer core. Having retrieved its memory disc, Nabu and friend decided to build a copy and escape their boring life.[2]

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The computer core appears to be about 3+ decks tall and powered by some kind of special backup energy as it was still working and on standby.[2]


Auxiliary craftEdit



The ship had at least three landing crafts.[3]


The ship had at least two light tanks.[3]

Known CrewEdit

  • Togo Shima, Captain
  • Dr. Sakamoto, scientist[4][3]

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