Wolf Frakken
Native name ヴォルフ・フラーケン
Nickname Galman Wolf
Born Age 34 (Earth Years)
Allegiance Gamilas
Rank Commander
Commands held Dimensional Submarine UX-01
Portrayed by Tamio Ōki (1980)
Jōji Nakata (2011-)

Yamato 2199Edit

Wolf Frakken (Flakken in some translations) is Lt. Captain of the dimensional submarine UX-01 and answers to Grand Admiral Dietz only. Frakken is a man who enjoys the hunt and uses stealth tactics to bring down even the largest warship using his small ship. He has a reputation among senior leadership for being hard to manage. 

When he was hunting the Yamato, he nearly disabled the Earth Battleship had it not been Kodai's quick thinking. He also was with Dessler when he revieled himself after his "death" and listened to him sentence Admiral Herm Zoellik to death, during the Battle at Balun. During the battle at Rainbow Cluster, Frakken secretly surface along side the Yamato and deployed a group of Zaltan commandos to kidnap a "special" guest on board (Yuki Mori). He the carried her on his ship to a prison planet and then to Gamilas after a riot on the world.

When Goer ignored the order to return to Gamilas, Frakken was charged with securing his arrest and came just as the Yamato was about to enter the space gate. Instead of arresting Goer, Frakken fires a spread of torpedo and destroys the renegade battleship, killing Goer and completing his mission.

The Hunter

He and his first officer Heinig highly dislike people who disrespect his subordinates and comrades, including Zaltans. He prevents Heinig from punching the prison warden after the warden abuses Norren Oshetto, a Zaltz boy assigned to transport Yuki in episode 21, before Yuki stops the warden's assault. Yabu, who abandoned the Yamato after the failed mutiny, becomes the engineer onboard the submarine and ends up performing well, to everybody's approval.