Wemm Heidern
Native name ヴェム・ハイデルン
Born Gamilas
Died 2200 (age 58 Earth Years)
Rainbow Cluster
Allegiance Gamilas
Rank Colonel
Commands held Gamilus battle carrier
Battles/wars Omega War Front
Portrayed by Koji Yada (1975)
Shinpachi Tsuji (2011-)

Captain Wemm Heidern (ヴェム・ハイデルン Vemu Haiderun)

A captain who served under Domel in the battle at the Rainbow Cluster, having earned great acclaim at the Omega war fronts. Heidern commands a battle carrier launching a single heavy bomber which carries a drill missile designed by Domel.

Yamato 2199Edit

Col. Heidern is the captain of the flagship Domelus III and one of Domel's trusted friend and staff officer. During the battle at the outskirt of the galaxy against the Comet Empire's ship, Heidern assisted Domel is driving the ships of the Comet Empire back and berated Berger for having a big head.

When gathering soldiers for the upcoming battle at the Rainbow Cluster, Heidern met some of his old war friends

Heidern reunited with his war buddies

which gave Domel some confident in the battle after seeing most of the soldiers were young boys and old men.  

At the Battle of Rainbow Cluster, Heidern maintain command of the ship while Domel guided the fleet in an attempt to stop the Yamato. After the major setback with the drilling mine converted into a bomb went off at the carrier formation, Heidern tried to ease the helm but salvos of the shock wave cannon from Yamato made it impossible.


Accepting Death

Domel, seeing the battle is lost, ordered everybody to get to the escape pods, but Heidern, along with other officers remain behind and accepted death when Domel self destruct the ship.