In Yamato 2199, the energy harnessed by the wave motion engine originates from compactified higher dimensions.

The solution of the Buchinsky wave motion formula allowed Earth researchers to release or unfold a part of a miniaturized Calabi-Yau manifold. At its core, it is a miniaturized superstring landscape and the energy release is not directly proportionate to its supersymmetry moduli, but it is implied that it could be exponentially proportionate to the supersymmetry moduli. Uncontrolled unfolding of the Calabi-Yau manifold is said to result in a collapse of a Euclidean two-dimensional black hole.

In the system diagram of the wave motion engine reactor and its connected components, the output of the wave motion core feeds the gravity wave compression chambers and the tachyon particles oscillator control unit, implying that the release of energy from the supersymmetric Calabi-Yau manifold generates gravity waves (or graviton particles) and tachyons from higher-dimensionsal space. These are harnessed by the tachyon oscillator control unit which drives a turbine, providing the power supply for all of the Yamato's onboard systems.