Wals Lang is commander of the EX-178 warship, crewed by Zaltians but it's fighters are Gamilans with Melda as their team leader. The EX-178 was lost due to a warp malfunction and the ship ended up stuck in the warp dimension and lost. The Yamato was in the progress of warping when her engines also malfunction and it was pure luck the two found each other. Commander Lang asked Melda to head to Yamato to help with an idea to escape the dimension in which both ships could escape with some cooperation. After a disagreement ending with the death of Imperial Guard Officer Nelge, the EX-178 was able to tow the Yamato and both ships return to normal space. Just as both ships are in normal space, Lang orders his men to began battlestation as once they're out,as the Yamato and EX-178 are now enemies again. Just before they can attack, Goer's fleet enters and demands Lang move aside. The captain yells at Goer stating that Melda is still on the Yamato, but Goer destroys the EX-178, to everybody's shock, killing Lang and his crew. As Yamato evades, Goer's fleet get suck into the dimension opening while Goer manages to escape. As the Yamato is sailing pass the wreckage of EX-178, everybody gives a somber salute to Commander Lang and his crew of the EX-178.
Commander Lang is similar to Captain Bernhard Rogge of the German auxiliary cruiser, the Atlantis who made sure the rules of war was observed, dropped survivors at neutral ports, and made sure the prisoners of war were treated well.