Admiral Valsey: in charge of the Comet Empire's main warfleet, stationed at Procyon and Sirius and thus missed by the Yamato during its journey to planet Telezart. As Gatlantis approaches our Galaxy, Valsey's fleet begins its advance on the Solar System, routing Earth's defenses and very nearly driving home the invasion thanks to the main weapon of Valsey's flagship Medaluza (メダルーザ), the Flame Direct-hit Gun (火炎直撃砲), a wave motion gun which fires into a teleportation field. However, Hijikata leads them into the rings of Saturn, where the weapon proves to be a liability, and Valsey and his fleet are destroyed. His last words are, "I apologize to His Majesty in death." (死して大帝にお詫びを Shishite taitei no owabi o?)

Notes Edit

In Star Blazers, Admiral Valsey was renamed General Bleak.

Japanese language informationEdit

バルゼー Baruzē