Type-99 Space Attack Fighter Aircraft
Cosmos falcon
Affiliation Earth Federation
General characteristics
  • 2 machine guns
  • 6 cannons
  • 8 anti-air/anti-ship missiles
Propulsion Meteor Type 35 Composite Radial Flow Cosmo-Engine
Length 15.9 m
Width 6.8 m [1]

The Type-99 space attack fighter aircraft, commonly referred to as the Cosmo Falcon or by the Japanese word Hayabusa (ハヤブサ), is a trans-atmospheric space fighter plane used by forces of the United Nations Cosmo Navy in the late twenty-second and early twenty-third centuries.

Armaments and Technical SpecificationsEdit

The ship has been fitted with stealth features which include storing 2 ordnances within the fuselage for a total of 8, with additional intakes over the fuselage and accompanying thrusters. The wings are more angled, are foldable and have seesaw flaps. The wing pods house vernier thrusters and RCS. The Falcon also features 2D vector-thrust. The armament were further increased by two more machine guns. It can use triple racks to mount missiles. Two antennas with spikes are attached to the underside of the nose section. It has a doubled wheeled nose gear. The main landing gear is angled halfway to the side. It is splayable and retracts forward.[2] The craft has a navigation computer AI.

It has 6 cannons in two groups located in the large main wing fairing. The cannons have 3000 rounds each ("A World I Once Saw"). 2 machine guns were also placed on the underside of the nose section. It can carry an assortment of ordnance on 4 wing stations and 2 fuselage bays (actually 4 bays interconnected):

  • 6 anti-ship missiles (ASM) (4 on wings, 2 in bays)
  • 6 air-to-air missiles (AAM) on triple racks (two wing stations only), 2 ASM in bays.

Usually it is manned by one pilot.


Jointly developed and manufactured by the United Nations Ground Force, the Far Eastern Front Space Battle Group, and the Space Technical Arsenal, the Cosmo Falcon was originally designed as an interceptor for the defense of Earth's absolute defense perimeter.[3] However, it became the Yamato's carrier-based fighter due to delays in the mass production of the Cosmo Navy's Type-0 Cosmo Zero.[4] A total of thirty-six Cosmo Falcons were on board the Yamato at the time of its departure.[5]

Notable PilotsEdit

References Edit

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  • In Japanese, the word "hayabusa" specifically refers to peregrine falcons.
  • The Type-99 Falcon shares part of its name with the Nakajima Ki-43 Falcon fighter used by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force in World War II.
  • The name is also shared with two robotic spacecraft built by the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA): the original Hayabusa that collected samples from an asteroid surface in 2005, and the Hayabusa 2 that is scheduled to arrive at another asteroid in July 2018.

Japanese language informationEdit

  • 99式空間戦闘攻撃機, 99-Shiki kūkan sentō kōgeki-ki
  • コスモファルコン, Kosumofarukon