Type-100 space reconnaissance aircraft
Affiliation UNCF, Earth Defense Force
General characteristics
Length 14.2m[1]

The Type 100 space reconnaissance aircraft (100式空間偵察機?) was a RECCE space plane used by forces of the United Nations Cosmo Force. Like most space crafts in the show it has transatmospheric capability. It was originally clasified as a search boat (「探索艇 」?).


Originally, it was the most versatile craft in the show used for any mission other than combat. It was depicted to be able to enter[2] and leave a planet on its own.[3] It was used as a mining transport[2] and it was implied to transport even more people.[4] It did investigations beyond mere RECCE, SIGINT, ELINT or EW.[5]


It has foldable wings. It has a doubled wheeled nose gear. The main landing gear is angled halfway to the side.[N 1][6] It has retracted sensor pods on top of the fuselage and can mount sensor pods. The craft has a navigation computer (Navico for short) AI.


Usually it is manned by a crew of two, but can accommodate three if needed.[2][7]

Known craftEdit

  • Recon K62[8]
  • (unreadable hiragana tail markings)[4]
  • 99-1015[9]
  • 99-1003[10]
  • 99-1004[7]

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