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Teresa (テレサ?): a telepathic young woman living on the planet Telezart in a hovering palace, who has an ability to generate powerful anti-matter with her prayers. She watched her world, an interstellar hub, degenerate into all-out war, but prayed so fervently that she destroyed all life forms as a result. Devastated by her powers, she vowed to never use her power to harm anything again. When the Comet Empire threatens the Galaxy, she sends messages to Earth attempting to warn them of the danger, bringing the Yamato to her world. During the Earth ship's journey, she falls in love with Shima over radio. A few days pass after their arrival, and they come to learn that she refuses to fight against the Comet Empire and even refuses to evacuate her planet's certain doom. However, though she refuses to leave her world and become a part of Earth forces, her love for Shima overcomes her pacifism and she uses her psionic power to transform Telezart into pure energy and detonates it directly in the path of the Comet Empire in an attempt to destroy it. While the Comet Empire's plasma shield keeps them from being destroyed, Teresa's efforts blow it off its flight path and causes it heavy damage, enabling the Yamato to arrive in the Milky Way ahead of it. She survives in her spacecraft and travels to the Solar System, where she discovers Shima's corpse floating in space and resuscitates him using her own blood. With her last remaining power, she then destroys Zwordar's dreadnought and saves Earth from destruction. Her ultimate fate remains unknown, however.


  • In the alternate version of the story told in the movie Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato, Teresa plays a similar role, but she is composed entirely of anti-matter (and naked), and does not fall in love with Shima. Moreover, at the end of the movie she does not destroy Zwordar's ship, but instead her spirit urges Kodai to do so using the Yamato. She was voiced by Miyuki Ueda in the film.
  • In Star Blazers, it was never revealed that she controlled dark matter, but labelled it as "mind-energy."