Telezart (テレザート星): a planet just outside our Galaxy featured in the second season, Telezart was once an interstellar hub, home to many and diverse forms of life from other star systems. However, a devastating world war broke out between the various racial groups, provoking a telepathic woman named Teresa to use her immense powers to destroy all life, an act she regrets. In the second season it is the objective of the Yamato to reach Telezart and learn from Teresa of the menace of the Comet Empire. Teresa ultimately uses her psionic powers to self-destruct the planet in an attempt to destroy the White Comet. While the planet's detonation did not destroy the White Comet as Teresa had hoped, it did inflict tremendous damage on the Comet Empire, as well as blowing it far off its intended course toward Earth. This gave the Yamato more than enough time to reach Earth first and warn the Earth Defense Council, allowing them to mount a counter-offense against the White Comet's arrival.