The Yamato is the first Space Battleship of the Earth Defense Force to be equipped with alien technology

Schematics of the YamatoEdit

What is the length, width, height, & weight of the Yamato? HarryAck 03:42, February 25, 2011 (UTC)

The problem here is that there are 2 diferent Yamatos ... the one from the original series and the 2199 one.. the article mentions the registry BBY-01 (new series) but cites the dimensions of the older series ship.

The original series Yamato was said to be 265m long .. when refitted for Yamato Resurrection it was enlarged to 285m.

BBY-01 (Yamato 2199) is 333m long.. quite larger than the original one (specially if we consider displacement)

Yes. Even more than the length, these are two very similar but ultimately separate stories, and therefore should be treated as separate ships and separate articles--one for the original Yamato and one for the Yamato in 2199. A number of articles have been done this way in recent months. See Akira Yamamoto (2199) and Akira Yamamoto (OS) ("OS" for Original Series) as just one example; there's a disambiguation page (Akira Yamamoto) that leads to both articles (three, actually--a future page for the live action Yamamoto). Something like this should be the ultimate goal with all the different versions of Yamato.
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