(Top) Talan in 2199; (Bottom) Talan after 2200
Species Gamilas
Gender Male
Allegiance Gamilas Empire
Rank General
Portrayed by Takeshi Aono (1974)
Kōji Yada (1975-1980)
This article describes Talan as depicted in the original Space Battleship Yamato and its sequels. For his counterparts in Space Battleship Yamato 2199 and its sequels, see Welte Talan and Ghader Talan. For his counterpart in Star Blazers, see Talan (Star Blazers).
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General Talan is Leader Dessler's defense minister, one his most loyal officers, and a commander of the scattered remnants of the Gamilas Empire after the fall of Gamilas.

He introduces Dessler Mines to his leader in 2199 as part of an attempt to destroy the Earth Defense Force space battleship Yamato ("Resolution! Break Through the Gamilas' Absolute Defense Line!").

He is more level-headed than his leader and is able to convince Dessler to abandon his flagship when all is lost. He is also an extremely skillful pilot, rescuing Dessler from the White Comet Empire's pursuing ships.[citation needed]

Japanese language informationEdit

タラン Taran