Susumu Kodai
Kodai Susumu.jpg
Native name 古代 進
Born (2181-07-07)July 7, 2181 Template:Error[1]
Kanagawa Prefecture Miura, Kanagawa, Japan[2]
Allegiance Earth
Service/branch Earth Defense Force
Commands held Yamato, Deep Space Freighter Yuki
Relations Takeo Kodai (father)
Akiko Kodai (mother)
Mamoru Kodai (brother)
Sasha Kodai (niece)
Yuki Kodai (wife)
Miyuki Kodai (daughter)
Portrayed by Kei Tomiyama (1974-1983)
Koichi Yamadera (1999-2009)
Takuya Kimura (2010)
This article describes Susumu Kodai as depicted in the original Space Battleship Yamato and its sequels. For his counterpart in Space Battleship Yamato 2199, see Susumu Kodai (2199). For his counterpart in the live action film, see Susumu Kodai (live action film).
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Susumu Kodai 2220

Cpt. Susumu Kodai in year 2220

Susumu Kodai (古代 進 Kodai Susumu?): a young orphan, it was the death of his parents during a Gamilus planet bomb attack on his hometown in the Miura Peninsula that drove him to follow in his older brother Mamoru's footsteps and join the Earth Defense Force. He is initially hot-headed and prone to bursts of anger, and at first blames Captain Juzo Okita for the death of his brother in battle. However, he matures during the first season thanks to his responsibility as the Yamato 's battle chief, and ultimately Okita nominates him acting captain when he is unable to continue. Though apparently never formally promoted to captain, Kodai continues commanding the Yamato and its crew for most of the rest of the franchise, only relinquishing command twice: to Osamu Yamanami in Be Forever, Yamato, and to a revived Okita during Final Yamato. He is also a talented pilot, flying his own Cosmo Zero fighter as the leader of the Black Tigers, and in the second season frequently joining the Cosmo Tigers in battle.

  • His Japanese given name means "to go forward, to improve". His name was lifted directly from the main character of Leiji Matsumoto's 1967 manga Lightspeed Esper, who was in turn named after Matsumoto's brother Susumu Matsumoto.
  • It should be taken in an account that Kodai was Acting Captain upon Captain Okita's illness to the point of his death and a few years beyond that. However, in Space Battleship Yamato III he was apparently promoted to Captain.

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