The Sun is the yellow star found in the center of the Solar System - a star system in Orion Nebula on the arm of the galaxy people of Earth named "Milky Way." Like some of the star systems, the Sun have no other star within its gravitational pull. The star is consisted mainly of hydrogen and helium, though other elements may be found as a byproduct of the star's natural nuclear fusion. Prior to, and what led to, the Comet Empire conflict, a stray missiles from the Galmon empire drove itself into the Sun and cause a catalytic disturbance with the Sun's fusion pattern. This resulted the Sun slowly turning into a hot red giant star that will vanquish all life on Earth in one year and will turn into a supernova in three. But with the help of planet Gratiana's advance weaponry given to the Yamato, it was able to reverse the effect of the missile and the star return to its original state.