Sukeji Yabu
Yabu Sukeharu.jpg
Native name 薮 助治
Born 2166
Mie Prefecture Mie, Japan
Died 2200 (age 34)
White Castle, Iscandar
Allegiance Earth
Service/branch Earth Defense Force
Rank Petty officer, 1st class
Portrayed by Kenichi Ogata (1974-1975)
Jun Mizukami (2010)
Chō (2011-)

Sukeji Yabu (薮助治 Yabu Sukeji?)

Tokugawa's portly assistant engineer. He believes the Yamato is doomed to fail in its mission to save Earth, and thus decides that humanity should make a new home on Iscandar; to this end he and nine other mutineers kidnap Yuki (their "Eve") and hide on a crystal island. However, a tsunami and volcanic eruption destroy the island and kill the mutineers, though Yuki is rescued.