Salezar Over Epidora

Salezar rises over the rings of Epidora.

Salezar is a star in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Located one hundred sixty-eight thousand light years from Earth, Salezar is a yellow-white sun similar to Earth's. It is orbited by at least six planets, including the double planets Garmillas and Iscandar in the fourth orbit, and the ringed gas giant Epidora in the fifth ("Toward a Sea of Stars"), ("The Planet That We Head For").

Two spacefaring races, Garmillans and Iscandarians, evolved in the Salezar system. Prior to their emergence, the system was visited by the Aquarius civilization. In the year 2199, Epidora was obliterated at the start of the last battle of the Garmillas-Earth War ("The Planet That We Head For", "One Man's War", Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark).

Japanese language informationEdit

サレザー Sarezā