Saleluya Larleta
Saleluya Larleta 2199.jpg
Born Age 36 years (Human equivalent)[1]
Died 2199, Jupiter
Species Zaltz
Allegiance Great Garmillas Empire
Rank Major
Commands held Jupiter floating continent base
Portrayed by Hiro Yuki (2012)
This article describes the Zaltz character Saleluya Larleta from Space Battleship Yamato 2199. For his unnamed Gamilas counterpart in the original Space Battleship Yamato, see Floating Continent Commander.

Major Saleluya Larleta serves as commander of the floating continent supply base on Jupiter, a key part of the operation to make Earth into a more Garmillas-like environment. He keeps a small cat-like animal known as a krall[2] with him at all times, and speaks in an effeminate voice.

When the Earth battleship Yamato makes a surprise forced landing on the floating continent, Larleta contacts Colonel Walke Shultz, and orders the four destroyers based on the continent to engage, with no effect. He is killed in the destruction of the floating continent when Yamato fires its wave motion gun for the first time ("Escape from the Jupiter Sphere").


Japanese language informationEdit

サレルヤ・ラーレタ Sareruya Raareta