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SC-97 space general-purpose transport aircraft
aka Cosmo Seagull
Affiliation UNCF
General characteristics
Length 19.5m[1]

The SC-97 space general-purpose transport aircraft (空間汎用輸送機 SC97?) or Cosmo Seagull is a space transport plane used by forces of the United Nations Cosmo Force. Like most space crafts in the show it has transatmospheric capability.

Design, versions, variants[]

It has a large central nacelle and twin booms with intakes and bottom thrusters. The booms are connected by a high tailplane. It has short complex geometry tiltwings which diverge at the half span. The outer section is angled down. Two engine pods are mounted in-between. There are pods at the end of the wings. The tiltwings give it VTOL capability. Stealth features have been given to the wing trailing ends. At the end of the nacelle is an open cargo bay which can mout a variety of mission containers or equipment or machinery like Analyzer's mech. The main landing gear is invert kneeling and can be steered.[2]


It can carry an assortment of mission containers or equipment compatible with its open bay.

Anti-submarine warfare (ASW)[]

The container has two operator stations. It can carry hyperspace sonar buoy which can be dispensed through ten tubes on the bottom.[N 1][3] It can relay target information similar to a FAC for contact designation and engagements.


The cockpit has stations for two pilots and two passengers on wall mounted fold seats. Two more passengers can be transported in the aft section on wall mounted fold seats.[4]

Known craft[]


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