Redof Hiss
Born Gamilas
Died 2200 (54 Earth Years)
Allegiance Gamilas
Rank Deputy Leader
Portrayed by Keisuke Yamashita (1974-1975)
Yosuke Akimoto (2011-)

Desler's toadying right-hand man, Hiss tries his best to please his leader, apologizing for every embarrassing mistake and passing his anger on to his underlings. However, during the climactic battle on Gamilas he implores Desler to make peace with the humans, earning him a bullet in the chest. In the first ten episodes, Hiss has the title of Deputy Leader (副総統). With episode eleven, his title changes to General (将軍). His name comes from Hitler's Deputy Führer, Rudolf Hess.[source?]

Yamato 2199Edit

Redof Hiss is the Vice-Leader of the Great Gamilas Empire. Although he is officially no.2 in the line of succession, his position on domestic affairs is undermined by Hydom Gimleh. Even though he is loyal to Abelt Desler, he is more loyal to his people then to the emperor.

When Domel was arrested, he presided as judge and after the jury recommended the Space Wolf be sentenced to death, he agreed and sent Domel to the camps. Later on, after Domel's charges were dropped, Hiss promise to reduce Elisa's charges for early release.

Hiss was horrified and disgusted when Desler authorize a part of his floating fortress to be drop on Baleras. It was then Hiss took command as leader of Gamilas and ordered the entire city to evacuate. The captain of the Yamato, realizing the structure will destroy the entire city fires the Wave Motion Gun and thus saving the enemy along with the battleship.  After witnessing the selfless act by the Yamato, Hiss orders all Gamilas to stand down and lets the Yamato go about it's business. He later informs Starsha, Queen of Iscandar that the Yamato used the horrible Wave Motion Gun to save millions. Hiss also says the Gamilas Empire has no more issues with the Yamato and the people of Earth. Unlike the original series, Hiss continues to run the empire in the absence of Desler.

Notes Edit

In Star Blazers, Hiss was renamed General Krypt.

Japanese language informationEdit

ヒス Hisu