Prison Planet 17
Space Battleship Yamato 2199
Season 1, Episode 21
Japanese title 第十七収容所惑星
Daijūhachi Shūyōjo Wakusei
Release date June 15, 2013
Screenplay by Sadayuki Murai
Directed by Soichi Nakayama
Days left 211
Story guide
"Under a Rainbow Sun"
"The Planet That We Head For"
For information on the planet designated as Prison Planet 17, see Leptapoda.

After its hard-won victory at the Rainbow Star Cluster, Yamato unknowingly sets course for a world that is home to a Garmillas prison camp--and two jailed mutineers use the planet as their opportunity to escape. Yuki Mori, mistaken for an Iscandarian princess, plays the part for her Garmillas captors.



  • Members of the green-skinned Gatlantis species make their first confirmed appearance in the Yamato 2199 series in this episode. A green slave woman in service of Garmillan Marshal Herm Zoellik who was briefly shown in "The Wolf from Another Dimension" may have been Gatlantean, but her species was not noted in the episode or in official materials.
  • The gun that Yabu uses to threaten Princess Yurisha is marked with the word "NANBU." Since Yabu and Itou obtained their weapons from a common storage container and not from Yasuo Nanbu's private quarters, the marking represents the manufacturer, Nanbu Heavy Industries Corporation. A closeup of an identical gun with the same marking in a later episode confirms this.


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Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The name "Prison Planet 17" is similar to that of the setting of the 1953 film Stalag 17, a German World War II prisoner of war camp.