For information on the comparable weapon used in the original series, see Planet bomb (OS).
Planet bombs

Two planet bombs fall toward the exposed seabed of the Pacific Ocean.

are weapons of mass destruction used for space-based assaults against planetary surfaces. Unlike other advanced weapons, planet bombs are produced directly from naturally occurring bodies within a star system such as cometary fragments[1]. A reflection satellite cannon fires an energetic beam at an object, altering its properties and deflecting it toward a desired target. This gives military forces the ability to conduct siege operations far from their home territories, without having to transport finished weapons or production facilities over long distances. Planet bombs are very similar to the largest nuclear weapons in their effects but generate substantial radioactive contamination, resulting in longer lasting devastation. When used in sufficient quantities, they can render a planet completely incapable of supporting life ("Messenger of Iscandar", "The Trap on All Sides").


Making a planet bomb

The Great Garmillas Empire began deploying planet bombs in its war against Earth by 2193, after conventional space forces met heavy resistance at the Second Battle of Mars ("Out of the Forest of Memory"). Using a reflection satellite cannon to create planet bombs from within the Kuiper Belt, the Pluto Frontline Base maintained a steady attack on Earth, gradually turning it into an irradiated wasteland and forcing the surviving population deep underground. Among the survivors, Planet Bomb Syndrome became a significant health risk. Humans created a classification system for the different types of bombs that were encountered during the war. The last planet bomb launched toward Earth was Kuiper Belt object EKB 637, just prior to the Pluto base's destruction in early 2199 ("Messenger of Iscandar", "The Trap on All Sides", "The Sun Sets on Pluto", "Memories of the Blue Planet").


  1. Although the Kuiper Belt is composed primarily of icy bodies, the planet bombs shown on screen have some amount of rocky content. This suggests that non-icy objects can also be used.

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遊星爆弾 Yūsei bakudan

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