Planet Bomb Syndrome is an illness suffered by humans during the Garmillas-Earth War. Brought on by continual attacks on Earth with radioactive planet bombs, the effects of Planet Bomb Syndrome differ somewhat from simple radiation poisoning. Its symptoms include chest pains, fainting spells, and fatigue, which can be aggravated in times of stress. Medicine, surgery, and rest can slow or temporarily control the symptoms, but Planet Bomb Syndrome is frequently fatal ("Wish Upon a Star", "The Wolf from Another Dimension", "The Planet That We Head For", "Memories of the Blue Planet").

Admiral Juzo Okita was afflicted with Planet Bomb Syndrome, but refused a suggestion by Admiral Ryu Hijikata to remain under medical care on Earth and took command of the battleship Yamato ("Toward a Sea of Stars"). He remained under the watch of Doctor Sakezo Sado during the ship's mission to Iscandar ("Wish Upon a Star"). Sado had some success keeping Okita fit for duty, until the admiral collapsed during the Battle of Garmillas ("One Man's War"). The illness eventually claimed Okita's life just before Yamato returned to Earth ("Memories of the Blue Planet").

More than two years after Earth's planet bomb-ravaged environment was restored to its living state, Planet Bomb Syndrome remained an ongoing health problem for the surviving human population. Newborns ran a risk of secondary exposure through residual contamination. Young victims like Tsubasa Kato received treatment at medical facilities, but chances for recovery were slim[1] (Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love).


Japanese language informationEdit

遊星爆弾症候群 Yūsei bakudan shōkōgun