Paren Nelge
Captain Paren Nelge is a clone, and a member of the Garmillan Imperial Guard.

When the EX-178 was lost in the warp dimension, he was merely acting as an observer onboard the vessel. Captain Lang however wanted to cooperate with Yamato to bring both ship out of the dimension, but Nelge insist that after the Yamato fires its Wave Motion Gun, the EX-178 should escape and leave Yamato behind. Unfortunately, an argument erupted between the two men, before Nelge continue his mutiny, he was shot and the EX-178 continued towing the Yamato out to safety.[source?]

He has at least one clone brother, Imperial Guard Colonel Dora Nelge.[source?]

Japanese language informationEdit

パレン・ネルゲ Paren Neruge