One Man's War
Space Battleship Yamato 2199
Season 1, Episode 23
Japanese title たった一人の戦争
Tatta Ichi-ri no Sensō
Release date August 24, 2013
Screenplay by Morita Shigeru
Directed by Makoto Bessho
Days left 199 (see Analysis)
Story guide
"The Planet That We Head For"
"The Distant Promised Land"

The war with Earth comes to Garmillas.


For additional details, see Battle of Garmillas.


  • Okita's voice-over (and official English subtitles) at the end of the episode states that 199 days remain before humanity's extinction. This is very likely a production error. The episode begins immediately after the end of the previous episode (with the firing of the Dessler Cannon at Yamato and Epidora) and takes place over a relatively short period of time. Likewise, the next episode begins with Yamato leaving the debris field created by the fight with Dessler's forces, and the crew still in spacesuits worn during the battle. One writer's unofficial analysis[1] suggests that 209 days would be a more logical figure.


Noteworthy DialogueEdit

  • Leader Abelt Dessler prepares to fire his flagship's wave motion gun at the Garmillan capital city as Defense Minister Welte Talan watches:
Talan: My lord, stop! You're about to fire on your own people!
Dessler: (Calmly and without hesitation) That's why I must do it myself. I must be the one to commit the sin of sacrificing the noble Garmillan lives for the future of Great Garmillas.

Behind the ScenesEdit