The Organic Material Cycle System (OMCS), also known as "omshis," is the food processing system used aboard the battleship Yamato. OMCS units placed along a wall of the ship's mess hall take in all available organic substances--including waste products--and converts them into safe, recognizable dishes. OMCS can create a wide variety of offerings, including rolls, cake, curry, fried rice, kabayaki, soup, protein bars, and parfaits ("Gravestone on a Frozen Field", "The Planet That We Head For")[1]. Alcoholic beverages are also available ("Toward a Sea of Stars").

Generally, OMCS allows the Yamato crew to make the long intergalactic voyage to Iscandar without having to keep massive supplies aboard. However, a breakdown of OMCS several months into the mission forces the crew to temporarily rely on limited and not entirely desirable standard rations, and to divert to the Earth-like world Beemela 4 to build up the ship's food stores ("Point of No Return").


Japanese language informationEdit

オムシス Omushisu