Space Cruiser Murasame (CAS-707).

The Murasame was the name of a space cruiser serving the United Nations Cosmo Navy. The Murasame was constructed in the year 2170, 21 years before Garmillas contact.[source?] Murasame's captain in 2191 was Daigo Shima. Susumu Yamazaki was the only survivor of the incident nine years before in 2191 when the Murasame was destroyed during first contact with the Great Garmillas Empire.



Murasame-Class Cruiser and the Isokaze-Class Assualt Torpedo destroyer.

The Murasame-class cruisers are 152 meters in length.[source?]


The Murasame was the lead ship of Murasame class. The ship was commissioned in 2170 and fought during the interplanetary wars.[source?]

In the year 2191 the ship was under command of captain Daigo Shima, during that year Garmillas Warships entered the Solar System. In what was to be humanity's first contact with life from beyond Earth the ship sortied with the Cosmo Fleet, to meet with the alien visitors. Events took an unexpected turn when the ship unexpectedly became the flagship of the fleet after Admiral Okita refused to fire on the Garmillas warships as was the order given. The ship captain reluctantly opened fire, the first salvo of the Garmillas-Earth War. The rounds from the Murasame had no effect on the Garmillas ships, the Garmillas weaponry however was devastating resulting the Murasame's sinking along with the loss of the a significant amount of UNCF warships, the vessel only had one survivor, Susumu Yamazaki. In the years since First Contact the Murasame's crew became martyrs as the first victims of Garmillas, the propaganda department issued the sole survivor Yamazaki a gag order on the events of first contact hiding the fact that the crew was ordered to attack. The truth would come to light aboard the Yamato during the voyage to Iscandar when the Yamazaki told the ship's helmsman Daisuke Shima, about the events of first contact as a result of Melda Dietz telling the crew that Humans fired first.[source?]