Mirangal is a Gelvades-class carrier of the Garmillas Imperial Astro Fleet.

History Edit

In late 2199, Mirangal was commanded by Colonel Neredia Rikke. In the course of its operations, Mirangal led a task force to rendezvous with the carrier Lanbea, which had been heavily damaged in battle and was now under the acting command of Major Fommt Berger. Soon after repairs were made, Mirangal and the rest of the task force became lost within an unknown region of space and encountered the mysterious planet Shambleau.

While Colonel Rikke was away aboard Lanbea, Berger returned from a scouting mission to Shambleau and abruptly assumed command of Mirangal in the colonel's absence, and joined the Garmillan task force with the Earth battleship Yamato to repel an attack from a Gatlantean expeditionary group. Mirangal launched squadrons of Czvarke fighters before switching its flight deck to a multi-turret formation. With help from Yamato, it successfully evaded a devastating blast from a new enemy weapon. It sank multiple Gatlantis vessels, but it suffered severe damage during the course of the battle. Its service ended when Berger personally took the helm and made a full speed run toward one of the remaining Gatlantis destroyers. The enemy target was destroyed upon impact, but the carrier was shattered. The surviving Mirangal crew, including Berger, were rescued by Lanbea under Rikke's command (Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark).

Japanese language informationEdit

ミランガル Mirangaru