Affiliation Great Garmillas Empire
General characteristics
Class Battlecruiser
Fighters At least 1 Czvarke Fighter in a hangar located under the 3. dorsal turret
  • 2 triple 330mm positron beam turrets
  • 2 triple - barreled 280mm positron beam cannon turrets
  • 4 triple - barreled 280mm positron beam cannons (in 2 side mounts, 3 barrels fore and aft each)
  • 6 forward torpedo tubes (hull)
  • 6 forward torpedo tubes (bulges) [1]
  • 8 missile tubes [1]
Length 283 meters[2]

The Meltoria-class battlecruiser is a class of Great Garmillas Empire space combat ships in the Imperial Astro Fleet.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Meltoria-class is the largest class of the second-class[source?] space armored vessels. It is highly maneuverable and is heavily armed with several triple positron beam turrets and torpedo tubes.[3]



Meltoria-class battlecruiser in service of the Imperial Guard

Compared to the other types of cruisers, Meltoria is much less frequently seen in front line service. One such ship was under the command of Lieutenant Commander Fommt Berger in a battle against a Gatlantis fleet ("A World I Once Saw"). Another Meltoria-class vessel, EX-178, was caught in a subspace void after a brief failure in its warp core ("Graveyard of the Universe"). Lieutenant General Erich Domel's Domelaze III super dreadnought was routinely escorted by Meltoria-class battlecruisers belonging to the 6th Armored Space Division) ("The Wolf from Another Dimension", "Point of No Return"). A pair of Imperial Guard Meltoria were deployed by Hydom Gimleh along with other vessels to intercept the Earth battleship Yamato on its course toward the royal palace on Garmillas ("One Man's War").

The United Nations Cosmo Navy identifies the Meltoria-class as "L-class" ("Graveyard of the Universe").

Notable Meltoria-class ShipsEdit


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Japanese language informationEdit

メルトリア級航宙巡洋戦艦 Merutoria-kyū kōchū jun'yōsenkan