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Lugal de Zahl

Lugal de Zahl: elder son of the Dingirian leader, a young military commander who shows no mercy to his enemies, and has no qualms about firing on unarmed civilian transports, or even rescue ships tending to the wounded. However, when defeated by the Yamato (as well as a fleet of Earth warships) he is humiliated before his father, and becomes ever more determined to destroy the Earth ship, but when the rest of his fleet is destroyed, he turns tail and flees the battlefield, only to crash into the Neutrino Beam Shield of Uruk.

Notes Edit

De Zahl is derived[source?] from the German der Zahl, which means "the number." The intent may have been to indicate that he was the second highest male in his family, assuming that he was the eldest son, in which case the German translation would be der Zweite.

Japanese language information Edit

ルガール・ド・ザール Rugāru Do Zāru