Lanbea, with survivors of the Battle of Shambleau aboard, preparing to depart.

Lanbea is a Gaiperon-Class Multideck Astro Assault Carrier in service to the Great Garmillas Empire in 2199 and many years before then



This ship was built many years prior to 2199 and was in reserve during that year. After the Raid on Balun the ship was pulled out reserve and given to General Domel for use against the Yamato. Formmt Berger was stationed aboard to lead the ship's fighter squadrons against the Terron ship. The vessel arrived at the Rainbow Star Cluster staying near the Domelaze III while deploying dive bombers to assault the Yamato, and bringing the battle to the Yamato. The ship was damaged during the Yamato's counter attack and appeared to sink into the star cluster's ion storm.[source?]

The ship survived the battle and rescued the drill bomber's crew and set course for intergalactic space. With the Lanbea's captain dead, the rest of it's fleet destroyed, the acting captain Berger ordered the crew to make repairs and prepare to attack the Yamato. The ship was intercepted by the Mirangal outside the Magellantic cloud and was subsequently taken to into the Mirangal's fleet while repairs were being completed. The ship was captured along with the rest of the fleet and taken to Shambleau. The fleet commander Rikke ordered Berger to take a scout team to the surface of the planet, when Berger returned he went to the Mirangal and assumed command of the fleet. During the Battle of Shambleau Berger ordered the ship to escape while his fleet and the Yamato fight off their mutual enemy, during the escape the ship ran aground on the planet, the Gatlantis battleship Megaluda while sailing to take the planet's core, prepared to attack the disabled Lanbea. However the Yamato destroyed the Megaluda before any harm could come to the ship. After the battle the Lanbea recieved help from the Yamato, and left the area for Garmillas.[source?]

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