Ki-8 Prototype Space Boat
AKA "Stork"
Ki-8 Stork
Affiliation United Nations Cosmo Force
For information on the comparable craft in the original series, see Kingfisher Special Recon Boat.

The Ki-8 prototype air boat, also known as the "Stork," is a new multipurpose boat, aircraft, and water craft created for use by forces of the United Nations Cosmo Force.

Armaments and Technical SpecificationsEdit

It is a broad flying boat design with a large canopy and small wings. It can dive like a sub and is able to break through an ice cover. It is amphibious and has a 6x6 wheel drive. As a sea-skimming boat it has a three keel nose ideal for breaking through thin ice, and a flat bottom for high speed. On land its retracted wheels are revealed but only the lower half is exposed. The wing ends have floating support pods. It was stored in the dome in front of the third bridge. The wings are foldable and it has demonstrated flight capability. The wings are double folded when stored or when driving on land. The wheels are more exposed and have elaborated suspensions.[source?]

It can transport up to seven people. Three are seat in the front row, four in the back row. The two outboard seats in the back have working stations to the side.[source?]



Japanese language informationEdit

キ8型試作宙艇 Ki 8-gata shisaku chū-tei