Kenichi Ogata
緒方 賢一
Ogata Kenichi
Birthdate(1942-03-29)March 29, 1942
BirthplaceJapan Tagawa, Fukuoka, Japan
Years Active1973 -
Notable Credit(s)Space Pirate Captain Harlock
as Maji and Robot Wa-Wa
Ranma ½
as Genma Saotome
Queen Emeraldas
as Lou Row
AgentProduction Baobab

Kenichi Ogata (緒方 賢一 Ogata Ken'ichi?) (born March 29, 1942) is a male seiyū from Tagawa, Fukuoka, Japan. He used to work at Aoni Production and now is working at Production Baobab.


Kenichi Ogata was born on March 29, 1942. After graduating junior high school, Ogata studied cooking, and then went to high school, where he aimed to be a comedy performer, and worked for some theatrical companies. His voice acting debut was in Mazinger Z, and has been voice acting since.

He is known for his unique soft voice, but also for his astringent and villain roles, and has an established reputation for his role in Tensai Bakabon.

Voice actress Megumi Hayashibara pronounced him as the "Father of the seiyū world".

In 2199, his roles were all taken by Chō.

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