Kelkapia Class High Speed Astro Battle Cruiser
Affiliation Great Garmillas Empire
General characteristics
  • 3 triple 330 mm positron beam turret
  • 6 forward torpedo tubes
  • 4 ventral torpedo tubes
  • 6 missile launchers
Length 240 meters[1][2]

The Kelkapia-class Astro High Speed Cruiser is a class of Great Garmillas Empire space combat ship in the Imperial Astro Fleet.

Armaments and Technical SpecificationsEdit

The Kelkapia-class belongs to the Imperial Astro Fleet's second tier of medium-sized armoured space vessels. They are armed with beam and projectile weapons that are comparable to other second-class ship types, but are also built lightly and can achieve relatively fast speeds, making them suitable for interception missions and interfering with trade routes[3]. Although the cruisers proved themselves superior to most ships of Earth's United Nations Cosmo Navy ("Messenger of Iscandar"), they could easily be destroyed by the heavier weapons of the more advanced UNCN battleship Yamato, while being able to cause only light damage in return ("Point of No Return", "Over the Black Light").


Kelkapia cruisers were commonly deployed along with other warship types in combat. During the Garmillas-Earth War, they were notably part of a mixed task force that all but wiped out the First Fleet of the UN Cosmo Navy ("Messenger of Iscandar"), as well as a major assault on Yamato led by General Erich Domel at Carell 163. Prior to the battle, Domel took advantage of the cruiser's high speed to perform patrols close enough to track and to harass Yamato before immediately withdrawing to safety, gradually wearing down the crew's morale ("Point of No Return").

Besides its extensive involvement in the empire's war with Earth, the Kelkapia also operated in other theatres, including the Battle of the Small Magellanic Cloud Outskirts against Gatlantean forces ("A World I Once Saw"). Numerous Kelkapia cruisers have been added to the space fleet of the Imperial Guard and were a primary participant in the annihilation of Alteria ("Point of No Return").

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Japanese language informationEdit

ケルカピア級航宙高速巡洋艦 Kerukapia-kyū kōchū kōsoku jun'yōkan