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Isozake-Class Destroyer
Affiliation Earth Federation
General characteristics
Class Destroyer
  • 2 triple-mount 12.7 cm high pressure laser cannon turrets (until 2199)[1]
  • 2 triple-mount 12.7 cm shock cannon turrets (by 2202)[2]
  • 2 12.7 cm prow mounted anti-ship cannons[1][2]
  • 3 forward facing torpedo tubes[1][2]
  • 8 missile launchers[1][2]
Propulsion Wave motion engine (by 2202)[2]
Power Wave motion energy (by 2202)[2]
Length 80 meters[1][2]

This article describes a ship class appearing in Space Battleship Yamato 2199. For its counterpart in the original series, see M-2188 Type 1 Yukikaze-class Space Assault Destroyer.

The Isokaze-class space destroyers are a type of escort vessel in the United Nations Cosmo Navy.

Armaments and Technical Specifications[]

Isokaze-class space destroyers are armed with 2 prow mounted cannons and 3 forward facing torpedo tubes and 2 triple mount high pressure cannons, they were effective as hunting packs and as escorts in the Interplanetary wars but became outclassed and outgunned when facing the Garmillas. However their front facing torpedo tubes were very effective against smaller Garmilan vessels


An Isokaze-class destroyer with the Kirishima at the First Battle of Pluto

The remaining twelve Isokaze-class vessels from the Second Inner Planet War were deployed in Operation M, a plan to distract a Garmillan fleet from spotting an Iscandarian space craft entering the solar system with a vital technological gift for Earth. Despite the loss of all Isozake ships and nearly the rest of the UNCN First Fleet, the mission was a success. ("The Messenger from Iscandar").


Ships of this class were no longer seen in use, unlike that of the Murasame and Kongo-class, which can likely be attributed to the existence of newer ship designs such as the Escort Frigate which is only slightly larger.

Notable Isokaze-class Ships[]

  • Ayanami (DDS-103)[3]
  • Ayase (DDS-119)[3]
  • Fuyukaze (Space Battleship Yamato 2199 manga chapter one)
  • Fuyuzuki (DDS-147)[3]
  • Hatsushima (DDS-149)[3]
  • Isokaze (DDS-101)[3]
  • Kagerou (DDS-164)[3]
  • Minazuki (DDS-148)[3]
  • Shikinami (DDS-106)[3]
  • Shimakaze (DDS-172)[3]
  • Shiranui (DDS-144)[3]
  • Tachikaze (DDS-216)[3]
  • Yoizuki[3]
  • Yukikaze (DDS-117)[3]