This article describes the planet Iscandar from the original Space Battleship Yamato and Yamato: The New Voyage. For its counterpart in Space Battleship Yamato 2199, see Iscandar (2199). For the similarly named planet and half of the hive mind consciousness in the live action film, see Iskandar.

Yamato leaves Iscandar

Iscandar is the twin planet of Gamilas. It is the destination of the space battleship Yamato during its first voyage.

At some point in its history, the planet Gamilas was colonized by the Galmans who eventually evolved into the Gamilas people. Both populations began to sufer various plagues that eventually affected the people of Iscandar, leading to their near extinction. When Dessler attempted to wipe out the human race and move the Gamilas people to Earth, Queen Starsha Iscandar sent her sister Sasha Iscandar with plans for a wave motion engine that would allow a human ship to come to the planet for the Cosmo Cleaner D device and save Earth from destruction.

In 2199 a Gamilas prison transport crashes on the planet and Mamoru Kodai is pulled from the wreck by Queen Starsha and subsequently falls in love with Queen. When the Yamato arrives in the system, Starsha makes a desperate but futile call to Dessler to get him to stop his attacks on the Earth vessel. Upon Yamato's landing on Iscandar, Starsha welcomes the crew and mistakes Yuki Mori for her deceased sister Sasha. After the Cosmo Cleaner is delivered to the Yamato some members of the crew kidnap Yuki but are killed when the place they hide out in collapses. Mamoru is offered a spot on the Yamato but stays behind with Starsha where they live quietly in peace.

Several years later, when Dessler returns to Gamilas to say his good byes to his homeworld, he finds the Dark Nebula Empire mining the surface and attacks them in retaliation. Dessler's attack causes Gamilas to explode launching Iscandar from its orbit sending into warp. After Dessler and the Yamato pursue the planet and fight a Dark Nebula station, to prevent Dessler from commiting suicide, Starsha claims she will evacuate and let the Empire at the minerals of Iscandar, though this is a lie to get Mamoru and her infant daughter Sasha to evacuate to the Yamato before she destroys her own world (to the shock and horror of Dessler) to defeat the Dark Nebula.

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