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This article describes the planet Iscandar from Space Battleship Yamato 2199. For its counterpart in the original Space Battleship Yamato and Yamato: The New Voyage, see Iscandar (OS). For the similarly named half of the hive mind consciousness in the live action film, see Iskandar.


Iscandar is the third planet of the Salezar system along with Garmillas, inside the Large Magellanic Cloud.


Iscandar lies one hundred sixty-eight thousand light years from Earth ("Toward a Sea of Stars"). Eighty percent of Iscandar's surface is covered by water. Along with an atmosphere that is similar to that of Earth before the Garmillas-Earth War, at least part of the planet's landmass supports a moderately warm climate. Complex life has evolved on Iscandar, including forests and grasslands, Blue Crystal flowers, animals resembling terrestrial birds and fish, and a technologically advanced human-like species ("The Distant Promised Land").


For more details, see Iscandarian (2199).

Much like the planet Garmillas in recent years, Iscandar was once the center of a vast and aggressive interstellar empire that dominated the Large Magellanic Cloud through destructive force. The empire eventually underwent radical reforms and withdrew from all of its conquered territories, and the Iscandarian population shrank nearly to extinction, but Iscandar itself remained nearly untouched by outside forces. The palace of Iscandar's ruler and the grounds surrounding it were kept in exemplary condition by robots similar to Gamiloids in service of the Great Garmillas Empire ("The Distant Promised Land").

Iscandar's isolation began to end when Garmillas leader Abelt Dessler visited the planet and proposed a political union to Queen Starsha Iscandar. As the relationship between Starsha and Dessler soured, the queen extended an invitation to the besieged planet Earth to send a ship that would take possession of a device that would enable their world to heal from years of Garmillas assaults. In early 2199 CE, the space battleship Yamato began its attempt to reach Iscandar, and arrived months later ("Toward a Sea of Stars", "The Distant Promised Land", Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark).


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イスカンダル Isukandaru