Hilde Shultz
Hilde Shultz
Born Age 13 years (Human equivalent as of 2199)
Zaltz homeworld[1]
Species Zaltz
Gender Female
Occupation Maid
Relatives Walke Shultz (father)
Raiza Shultz (mother)[1]
Allegiance Great Garmillas Empire
Portrayed by Ayano Miura

Hilde Shultz is the daughter of Colonel Walke Shultz.

In early 2199, Shultz lives with her mother and a pet krall in the Garmillas capital city of Baleras.[1] She receives ample affection and attention from her father, but with the colonel assigned to distant military operations, she is limited to sending him holographic messages urging him to return home. Despite being a Zaltz and a second-class citizen within the Great Garmillas Empire, she fervently believes in Leader Abelt Dessler and his regime ("Wish Upon a Star").

On the day of her father's death in combat, Dessler takes pity on the colonel and his Zaltzi crew and bestows first-class citizenship upon their families, including Hilde Shultz and her mother ("Wish Upon a Star"). The girl is granted a job as a maid in Dessler's palace. On one occasion months later, she is brought to a city park at night, where she serves tea to the empire's minister of propaganda and a woman who appears to be an Iscandarian princess ("The Planet That We Head For").

On the following day, an enemy vessel, the battleship Yamato, invades the city of Baleras itself, and Dessler attempts to defeat it by launching a counterattack that threatens to obliterate the entire city. As Shultz and other palace personnel run to emergency shelters, she is pushed to the floor and knocked unconscious by the panicking crowd. She is found by Vice Leader Redof Hiss, who attempts to carry her to safety. When Shultz wakes up in Hiss' arms, she is stunned to learn that the alien intruder had come to the defense of Baleras, saving her life and the lives of her fellow Garmillas citizens from their own leader ("One Man's War").



Japanese language informationEdit

ヒルデ・シュルツ Hirude Shurutsu