Herm Zœllik
Native name ヘルム・ゼーリック
Born Age 47 (Earth Years)
Died 2199
Allegiance Garmillas
Rank Imperial Marshal
Portrayed by Norio Wakamoto

Herm Zoelik is the Imperial Marshal and Chief Inspector for Garmillas Armed forces. Zoelik has a mouth for boasting and giving out praises but at the same time, holds a dark agenda. He is a big man with a taste for big life as he has several servants or slaves to support him.

Zoellik is not well liked by the other officers especially Dietz when at the officer's gathering, Zoelik praised Dessler as a god and the Garmillas the undefeated empire. Zoellik also greatly despises Domel in such a way that Goer, who is now servicing as staff officer for Dommel, regularly reports to Zoelik in secret.

When Dessler is scheduled to attend the Naval review at Balun, his ship along with thousands of his crew were killed in a reactor explosion. Zoelik immediately took over as the new leader of Garmillas and announce to the entire fleet that Desler has been assassinated and that Zoellik will be the new leader. Unknown to Zoellik, Celestella and Gimleh planned the entire assassination plot in order to see who the real traitor was. Desler was actually hiding in Lt. Col. Fraken's submarine while a loyal soldier posing as his double was killed in the explosion. After realize he has been portrayed as a traitor, Zoellik tries to tell the entire fleet he did it out of love for his country and at that time, Goer, coming to his senses, shot him in the back, killing the Imperial Marshal.