Heikuro Todo
Todo Heikuro.jpg
Native name 藤堂平九郎
Born 2140
Kōchi Prefecture Kōchi, Japan
Allegiance Earth
Service/branch Earth Defense Force
Rank Commander-in-Chief
Relations Akiko Todo (granddaughter)
Portrayed by Masato Ibu (1974-1983)
Isao Ishizume (2010)
Shinji Ogawa (2012-2013)
Toshihiko Kojima (2017-)

Heikuro Todo (藤堂平九郎 Tōdō Heikurō?): Commander of the Earth Defense Force, who in the first season sends the Yamato on its voyage to Iscandar to save the world, and reports to it via long-distance communication. In the second season, he attempts to stop Kodai and the other crew from stealing the Yamato, but becomes convinced by their faith that he must let them go, as they are "Okita's children".