Affiliation Great Garmillas Empire
General characteristics
  • 2 barreled triple 330 mm positron beam cannon turrets
  • 1 330 mm triple-mount positron beam turret (ventral)
  • 4 280 mm dual-mount positron beam turrets (aft)
  • 32 single-mount point defense guns
  • 8 quad-mount point defense guns
  • 33 bow and ventral torpedo launch tubes
Defenses Migobueza Anti - Beam Coating
Length 392 meters[1]

The Haizerad-class astro battleships are a relatively new class of warship in the Garmillas Astro Navy, succeeding the older Gaiderol-class.


Lower Storm Leader Melda Dietz, along with other officers rebelling against the rule of Abelt Dessler, takes command of a green Haizerad-class vessel and uses it to transport herself and a supply of weapons to Prison Planet 17 in order to incite an uprising and save her father, Admiral Gul Dietz. The newly freed Admiral Dietz takes this ship and uses it to liberate other prison planets ("Prison Planet 17", "The Planet That We Head For"). Several months later, a meeting between members of the new Garmillas government and Princess Yurisha Iscandar is held on the bridge of the admiral's vessel ("The Forever War").

Several of these ships participate in a fleet review in orbit around Balun, many of which are destroyed in the Raid on Balun ("Over the Black Light").

Imperial Guard Defends Baleras II

The Haizerad class flagship of the Imperial Guard protects Baleras II.

This class also finds important applications outside the regular military. A pink Haizerad assigned to Minister of Propaganda Miezela Celestella, the Shangri-Lar[2], transports her and her sister Mirenel Linke to Balun for a telepathic attack on the UNCN battleship Yamato; it later leaves Balun after the attack ends in failure ("The Whisper of the Witch"). A blue vessel of this class, the Kilmenaim, serves as the command ship of Imperial Guard director Hydom Gimleh in 2199.[3][4]. From the bridge of the flagship, Gimleh orders a genocidal attack on the subject planet of Alteria ("Point of No Return"). Months later, the ship is destroyed as Gimleh leads the defense of Baleras II during the Battle of Garmillas ("One Man's War").


  • The Haizerad class ships were designed out of a production compromise, according to Chief Mechanical Director Masanori Niishi. Although it was felt that the Gaiderol-class ship should be used more than once, there was also an interest in making something new. Out of this process, the Haizerad was created as a variant on the Gaiderol with remodeled elements.[5]


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Japanese language informationEdit

ハイゼラード級航宙戦艦 Haizerādo-kyū kōchū senkan