Guelf Ganz
Native name ゲルフ・ガンツ
Born Zaltz
Died 2199
Allegiance Gamilas
Rank Major
Portrayed by Kenichi Ogata (1974)
Chō (2011-)

Ganz (ゲルフ・ガンツ Gantsu?): 2nd-in-command of the Gamilons' frontline base on Pluto, Shultz and Gantz are among the first to encounter the dangerous new Earth ship Yamato. However, even armed with a powerful weapon, the Reflection Satellite Cannon, the bumbling duo are unable to stop the Earth ship and are forced to abandon their base. Recognizing that they can never return home in disgrace, Shultz orders the entire fleet to launch an all-out attack on the Yamato, but they are destroyed; Shultz's command ship attempts a kamikaze run before being deflected into an asteroid.

Yamato 2199Edit

Major Ganz is the eyes and ears of Colonel Shultz. Unlike the original series where Ganz is a bumbling fool, in Yamato 2199, Ganz is a capable and fair officer. It was Ganz who first reported the Yamato has jumped space from Mars to Jupiter and then to Europa. When the Yamato was beginning her assualt on the Pluto base, Ganz helped calculate the satelite angle in attempting to destroy her. Unfortunately, Yamato survived the assualt and proceeded to destroy the Forward base. It was Ganz who conceive Shultz to evacuate the base before there was anymore unnecessary casualties. Sadly, Lt. Cmd Jarletora was killed when his ship broke formation and bought time for Shultz and Ganz to escape just as the Yamato was pursuing.

When Desler ordered Shultz to find Yamato and destroy her, he was given the Deseler Torpedo with a special warhead which is actually an organic cloud that breaks down everything it touches. The cloud was absorbed and destroyed by the red star which caused Goer to blow up at Shultz. It was Ganz who shut down the communicator which Shultz then orders the ship will pursue and destroy the Yamato. Unfortunately, Shultz's ship was destroyed by the sun flare killing everybody including Ganz. He was given a two rank posthumous promotion and his family was given honorary Gamilas Citizen status.

  • In Star Blazers, Ganz has his name changed to Bane. Curiously, Shultz is called Ganz.