Dai Yamato Zero-go
GenreScience Fiction, Adventure
Original video animation
Director Tomoharu Katsumata
Studio God Ship Co., Ltd.
Released March 31, 2004 – June 15, 2007
Episodes 5
Alternative titles

  • Big Yamato
  • Great Yamato No. 0
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Great Yamato #0 (大ヤマト零号 Dai Yamato Zero-go) is the second original animated video based on Space Battleship Yamato[1]

Plot[edit | edit source]

In the galactic group there are more than 100,000,000,000 galaxies, and the Milky Way galaxy, the one which includes Earth's solar system, is only one of these... one of many in the immensity of outer space.

This story starts in the year 3199, when a mighty enemy attacks the Milky Way from a neighboring galaxy. The enemy engages the combined forces of the Milky Way, an Alliance of many stellar nations, and defeats them one after another.

The remaining Milky Way Alliance forces are reduced to just six fleets. After the Alliance headquarters is destroyed, and when the collapse of the central Milky Way Alliance is imminent, the Great Yamato Zero surprises everyone and embarks on a mission to assist the Milky Way Alliance in one last great battle.

Cast[edit | edit source]


Yamato Captain
Lightning <wind> Corps member

Yuki Hongō

Scientific Analysis Division.
Executive officer
Captain aide
Scientific analysis and monitoring team leader team leader
Chief navigator
  • Sakai: Takahiro Yoshimizu
Lightning Corps commander
Theoretical Analysis
lightning <wind> Corps Captain
Chief Med Tech
Chief engineer
Industry and wound length
  • Kuma: Katsuhisa Hoki
Head, dragon cavalry captain
Lightning Corps <light> drone operator
Medical Engineering
Blitz Corps <wind> member
Gunnery operator
Battleship captain Mahoroba
Tim fleet-daily leader
Tim fleet-daily leader
  • X-1: Shiro Saito
A-Galaxy Union headquarters Emperor large elder
  • X-2: Masato Hirano
A-Galaxy Union headquarters Emperor aide
  • X-3: Hiroaki Miura
A-Galaxy Union headquarters Emperor royal
  • X-4: Tomohisa Aso
A-Galaxy Union headquarters Emperor Shogun
  • X-5: Toshiya Mori
A-Galaxy Union headquarters Emperor Space Science Mathematical analysis officer
Son of Ozuma
Daughter of Ozuma
  • Holy Emperor Zarik: Ryotaro Okiayu
Hakua Emperor ship
  • Vice Emperor Wago: Yoshiyuki Kono
Hakua Emperor ship
  • Rigel commander: Takashi Nakagi
Seven thousand fleet commander, Eunos ship captain
  • Rigel assistant: Hiroshi Okamoto
  • Ganon Geiler: Taiten Kusunoki

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