Gravestone on a Frozen Field
Space Battleship Yamato 2199
Season 1, Episode 4
Japanese title 氷原の墓
Hyougen no Hakajirushi
Release date June 30, 2012
Screenplay by Hiroshi Onoki
Directed by Makoto Bessho
Days left 362
Story guide
"Escape from the Jupiter Sphere"
"The Trap on All Sides"

Sustaining damage to its main engine, Yamato sets course for Enceladus to obtain a rare substance critical in making repairs. Susumu Kodai leads a landing party to investigate a distress signal from a long lost ship.


An Unavoidable DelayEdit

Yamato receives a United Nations Cosmo Navy distress call from one of Saturn's satellites, Enceladus. While members of the senior staff discuss whether Yamato should investigate, the ship lurches wildly. The executive officer, Shiro Sanada, calls down to engineering and learns from chief engineer Hikozaemon Tokugawa that a condenser on the main engine has melted, caused by the first firing of the ship's Wave Motion Gun. The crew decides to land on Enceladus because of a rare metal in the ship's engine that used to be mined there, cosmonite 90. Lieutenant Susumu Kodai is ordered to lead a landing party to investigate the origins of the signal.

Reaching the Lost Ship Edit

Kodai and his team reached the ship where the signal originates, which happens to be an Isozake-class destroyer, the same type that his older brother Mamoru commanded. They checked for survivors, but to no avail.


  • Gremdt Goer's holographic transmission marks the first appearance of a biological Garmillas in the series. Shultz and all other Great Garmillas Empire individuals depicted up to this point have been members of the Zaltz species.


Noteworthy DialogueEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit