This article describes Gatlantis from Space Battleship Yamato 2 and Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato. For the Gatlantis people and culture in Space Battleship Yamato 2199 and its sequels, see Gatlantis (2199).


Gatlantis is a massive spacecraft that is under the command and is the headquarter of the White Comet Empire.

Technological Specifications[edit | edit source]

The spacecraft resembles a massive city rested upon a semi-circle-shaped planetary body riddled with craters. Most of the time, Gatlantis itself is covered by a white spiral that makes it resemble a real comet. It is actually a massive plasma construct that breaks down and destroys space matter, such as asteroids and debris from destroyed worlds for fuel. The spiral can be put down via a mass-Wave Motion Gun attack. The vessel is armed by equatorial missile and energy cannons that can rotate to provide coverage if one should fail. The lower hemisphere is also protected by retractable cannons that provide cover fire for fighters leaving the bottom hangar, which is also the ship's sole weak point.. Gatlantis is propelled by multiple thrust valves that expel tachyon particles, and speed is determined by how many valves are open at any point of time. Due to its complicated nature, a massive control and navigation room is needed. It is suggested that Gatlantis, with its sheer speed, does not have an independent warp system, but rather faster-than-light is just a speed the craft can accelerate into. The upper hemisphere is protected by a powerful shield system that can withstand multiple impacts from a Wave Motion Gun without major damage.

History[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Despite several characters saying it is the size the quarter of the Earth, it can land on Earth's ocean.
    • Although, the references of the city being a quarter-size of the Earth might include the white spiral that was removed by the Andromeda and EDF fleet.

Japanese language information[edit | edit source]

ガトランティス Gatorantisu

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