For information on the comparable organism in the original series, see Gaseous life form (OS).

Gaseous life form

The gaseous life form is an organism from the Mirbelia star system. Living in the vacuum of space and composed of gas rather than solid or liquid material, this life form subsists on all matter available to it, absorbing everything it encounters for sustenance. The organism can reproduce on its own, and its ability to grow is unlimited.

This dangerous life form was captured by an expedition from the Great Garmillas Empire and safely contained inside a delivery device dubbed the "Dessler Torpedo" in honor of leader Abelt Dessler. The torpedo was eventually transferred to the warship Le Chevalier, and Minister of Propaganda Miezela Celestella presented the gas creature to Lord Dessler and his party guests via video feed as it was launched against the Earth battleship Yamato. Trapped between the red dwarf sun Gliese 581 and the organism, the crew of Yamato lured it to its demise by setting a direct course for Gliese. The creature was distracted from the ship by the irresistible energetic matter seething on the star's surface, and as it began to feed, it was overwhelmed and consumed by the vast quantity of superheated plasma ("Wish Upon a Star").


  • In the episode "Wish Upon a Star," the creature is unnamed beyond Celestella's description of it as an "autonomous, self-replicating, gas-based life form."

Japanese language informationEdit

ガス生命体 Gasu seimei-tai