For information on the comparable Garmillas bomber in Space Battleship Yamato 2199, see DBG.88 Garont Heavy Bomber.
A drill bomber was used against the space battleship Yamato by Gamilas general Domel during the Battle of the Rainbow Star Group.

Appearance Edit

The bomber was painted in a very distinctive red paint scheme. It had gull wings that had engines located on the wingtips. Another set of engines were located directly beside the main body, and had two fuel tanks located in between the engines.[source?]

Armament and Technical Specifications Edit

The only payload it carried was a giant drill missile that temporarily knocked out the wave motion gun for a time during the battle.

Unlike the other fighters and bombers carried by the Tri-Level carriers, the drill missile bomber could not fit in the Battle Carrier's internal bay area. It was stored exposed on the carrier's main flight deck. Additionally, until the bomber took off, the carrier could use none of its support guns, as they were concealed under the flight deck.[source?]

History Edit

The drill bomber and its payload were shown to General Goer by his immediate superior, General Domel, before the Battle of the Rainbow Star Group. It was stored in a battle carrier commanded by Heidern. It was intended that the bomber deliver its payload straight down the barrel of the wave motion gun, knocking out the ship's main weapon by blocking its receiving end, and then the drill would bore its way into the engine room before exploding. ("Desperate Challenge from Domel's Fleet!")

During the Battle of the Rainbow Star Group, after Domel had the dive and torpedo bombers severely damage the ship, teleported the bomber, with Heidern as the pilot, from his flagship. The Yamato, having had its weapons systems disabled, could not fire back and the missile lodged itself in the wave motion gun firing chamber. Heidern and the bomber escaped soon after. Shiro Sanada and Analyzer worked furiously to de-couple the missile before it blew up, and finished the process as the ship suffered a concentrated attack by the battle carrier. The missile then flew out of the chamber and hit the battle carrier in the bridge, destroying it at once. Debris from the ship would later destroy the other three carriers committed to the battle and left it to Domel to mount a last suicide attack that, despite injuring the Yamato further, failed to destroy it. ("Decisive Battle! Fight for Honor at the Rainbow Star Group!")