Fommt Berger
Native name フォムト・バーガー
Born Gamilas
Died 2200 (age 27 Earth Years)
Rainbow Cluster
Allegiance Gamilas
Rank Major
Commands held Space Carrier #2
Battles/wars Sapphire War Front
Portrayed by Takeshi Aono (1975)
Junichi Suwabe (2011-)

Fommt Berger (フォムト・バーガー Fomuto Bāgā?)

A commander who served under Domel in the Battle of the Rainbow Star Group, having earned great acclaim at the Sapphire war front. He commanded the purple Space Carrier #2 and its respective fighter, dive-bomber, and torpedo plane air groups. His ship was caught up in the drill missile explosion and destroyed ("Desperate Challenge from Domel's Fleet!", "Decisive Battle! Fight for Honor at the Rainbow Star Group!").

Yamato 2199Edit

Lt. Commander Berger is one of Domel's staff and commander. Unlike his other cool counterpart, Berger tries to outdo the others to gain favor with Domel but in the end, gets berated by Heiden for underestimating the enemies.

At the rally point where the carrier groups were meeting, Berger belittled the Zaltan special force group, only to be looked down by Domel, Frakken, and Heiden.

At the Battle of the Rainbow Star Cluster, he was part of the first wave of fighters to slow down Yamato. After returning to the carrier, he was waiting for refuel and rearm when the Yamato, after getting rid of the drill missile, begins to counterattack. The carrier he was in began taking heavy damage from Yamato's shock cannons, lost control, and disappeared inside the thick clouds of the Rainbow Star Cluster ("Under a Rainbow Sun"). Inside the star cluster, he and his ship encountered a phenomenon that transported them to another region of space (Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark).