The Arizona was one of the most powerful EDF warships ever launched. It represented a combination of the best elements of previous EDF warships. The Arizona was built at the beginning of the Bolar Federation- Galmon war. Earth was brought into that conflict unwillingly and militarily was more concerned with finding a new home for the population of Earth rather than defeating a major space empire.

The Arizona was one of a series of three unique ships built specifically to search deep space for a new planet that mankind could migrate to. It was built at one of the EDF's major shipyards in North America. As a result of it's specialized mission the Arizona was constructed with a different philosophy then most of the EDF. The Arizona was built on a stretched Andromida I hull. The additional room made way for more Battlecraft then a normal Andromida I. The Arizona was designed from the outset to patrol on it's own, sans escorts. As a result it was heavily armed with space defense guns. Finally the Arizona was outfitted with 5 heavy shock cannon turrets, an improved single barrel wave motion gun and many torpedo and missile ports.[source?]