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Affiliation Earth Federation
Launched 2202
General characteristics
Fighters Up to 15 Cosmo Tiger IIs[1]
Auxiliary craft 2 excursion boats[1]
  • Wave motion gun[1]
  • 3 triple - barreled 30.5cm positron shock cannon turrets[1]
  • 6 consecutive large energy cannons[1]
  • 8 anti-ship grenade projectors[1]
  • 4 subspace torpedo launchers[1]
  • 8 small torpedo launch tubes[1]
  • 8 missile launch tubes[1]
  • 12 small torpedo launch tubes[1]
  • 16 multiple interlocked missile launchers[1]
  • 3 bridge tower Shockfield defense guns[1]
  • 2 rows of 6 proximity battle beam guns[1]
  • 4 anti-aircraft pulse laser turrets[1]
  • 3 diffusion type anti-aircraft pulse laser turrets[1]
  • Anti-aircraft missile launcher[1]
  • Dimensional wave motion engine (primary)
Power Wave motion energy
Length 242 m[1]
Width 45.8 m[1]
Height 99 m[1]
This article describes the ship class depicted in Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love. For its counterparts in Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato and in Space Battleship Yamato 2 and its sequels, see EDF Battleship and the EDF Dreadnought.

The Dreadnought-class battleship is a warship class in service of the United Nations Cosmo Navy. Smaller and less heavily armed than the Andromeda class that entered service at nearly the same time but able to be manufactured in greater numbers, the Dreadnought class exemplifies a new and aggressive military doctrine on the part of the Earth Federation.

Armament and Technical Specifications[]

The Dreadnought-class battleship possesses a bifurcated wave motion gun muzzle in its bow section. Three positron shock cannon turrets are mounted along the upper deck, two of them positioned in front of the bridge tower and one behind. Like the Andromeda class and its predecessor, the space battleship Yamato, the dorsal towers of Dreadnought class ships are built with two bridges ("Departure to the Unknown!", "Clash! Yamato Versus Andromeda"). The standard variant of the class utilizes wave motion shields as part of its defenses ("Yamato in Crisis - The Devil's Alternative Once More") while the mars defense line variant lacks the wave motion shields and were easily destroyed as a result ("Escape from the Nightmare!").

One specially designated Dreadnought, the Laboratory Prometheus, is modified to use its warp engine systems to protect occupants from the dangers of accelerated time inside a dimensional time fault on Earth. As an added precaution against the time fault, its windows are blocked and replaced with video screens. The main bridge of Laboratory Prometheus is larger than normal for its class[2] ("Yamato in Crisis - The Devil's Alternative Once More").

In preparation for the Third Battle of Mars, additional Dreadnoughts with upgraded specifications were built as boosters to be mounted onto new Andromeda class vessels[2] ("Escape from the Nightmare!").


Like the Andromeda class, Dreadnought-class battleships were armed with wave motion weaponry in violation of the Earth Federation's treaty with Iscandar, and were built in secret. With the clandestine assistance of the Great Garmillas Empire, the Earth Federation was able to take advantage of a hidden zone of time distortion for its production facility; inside this dimensional time fault, time flowed much faster than in the outside world, allowing a factory to build Dreadnought class and other ships for Earth and for Garmillas in the span of only a couple of years ("Shock – Legacy of the Cosmo Reverse"). By the end of 2202, fourteen Dreadnought vessels left the assembly line and participated in a fleet exercise over Jupiter, easily blasting away rocky space debris with shock cannon fire ("Clash! Yamato Versus Andromeda").

A Dreadnought in action at Saturn.

With the threat of invasion by the Gatlantis Empire looming, production of Dreadnought vessels inside the dimensional time fault was stepped up; unlike the first run of the class, these ships were not named and were given only registry numbers and letters. Dozens of them were ready to engage waves of increasingly powerful Gatlantis attackers at the Battle of Saturn, and assisted other ships of the Cosmo Navy fleet to fight back the invaders with their firepower and their sheer numbers. Near the end of the battle, though, the Gatlanteans transported the planet-sized White Comet fortress to Saturn, which proved able to withstand the combined blasts of the fleet's wave motion guns. Gravitational distortions created by the mechanisms of the White Comet sent many of the surviving Dreadnoughts tumbling out of control, allowing Gatlantis to pick them off at will ("Battle off the Coast of Saturn - Gather the Wave Motion Gun Fleet!", "Yamato in Crisis - The Devil's Alternative Once More").

Laboratory Prometheus inside the dimensional time fault.

During this period, the Laboratory Prometheus, under the command of Saki Toudo and with a crew that included several veterans of Yamato, oversaw construction of new warships inside the dimensional time fault to be used in the Earth Federation's next assault on Gatlantis ("Yamato in Crisis - The Devil's Alternative Once More").

Named Dreadnought-class ships[]

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Japanese language information[]

ドレッドノート級前衛航宙艦 Doreddonōto-kyū zen'ei kōchū-kan